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Overview of chemical mixing equipment performance
Oct 17, 2018

Chemical mixing equipment can be used in the fields of pharmacy, chemical industry, food, etc., mainly for the mixing of two or more dry powdery and granular materials. From the structural point of view, the mixing tube of the chemical mixing device has a unique structure, so the mixing efficiency is high and there is no dead angle. The part is specially made of stainless steel, and the inner and outer walls are polished, the appearance is beautiful, the mixing is uniform, and the application range is wide.


We know that in these fields of production, it is often necessary to uniformly mix the reaction solutions of a plurality of different components and to react the components sufficiently to form a new product. For the different requirements of users, the chemical mixing equipment can be equipped with a corresponding forced agitator to meet the mixing of finer particles, blocks and materials containing certain moisture.


In the actual mixing operation, the chemical mixing device is carried out by the principle of vacuum suction, and the entire process is operated in a sealed state. There is no transmission mechanism inside the chemical mixing equipment, which is clean and hygienic without dead angle and meets GMP requirements.


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