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Performance characteristics and advantages ofroll compactor dry granulation machine
Jan 11, 2019

Theroll compactor dry granulation machine is mainly used to make the powder into granules by using the crystal water in the material. The dry powder materials are dried from the top of the drying granulator. After being added, it is pre-compressed into the rolling machine, and under the double roll extrusion of the rolling mill, the material becomes a sheet shape, and the sheet material is subjected to a process of crushing, sizing, sieving and the like to obtain a desired granular product.

Performance characteristics ofroll compactor dry granulation machine

1. The structure of theroll compactor dry granulation machine is novel and reasonable, the performance is stable and reliable, and the cleaning and maintenance are convenient.

2. The article is mechanically compressed and formed without destroying the chemical properties of the material and does not reduce the effective content of the product.

3. The whole process is closed, no impurities flow in, the product purity is high, and the product has no pollution to the environment.

4, the production process is automated, suitable for large-scale production.

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