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Performance characteristics and application of horizontal ribbon mixer
Jul 28, 2018

The horizontal ribbon mixer uses an internal ribbon structure, so that the material forms a circulating material flow during the mixing process, smooth working ability, faster mixing speed, and good mixing effect. For this reason, the horizontal ribbon mixer has become one of the preferred equipment for assembly from small lines to small, simple processes.


Performance characteristics of horizontal ribbon mixer:

1. The mixing speed is fast, and at the same time, it can meet the mixing requirements of many different types of raw materials;

2. The positive and negative spiral spindles are in a horizontal position to form an efficient mixer environment;

3. Smooth operation, stable performance and easy maintenance;

4. Mixing with a certain proportion of inner and outer ribbons close to the critical speed;

5. Due to the horizontal structure, it is easy to install and can be adapted to the structure of many workshops.


So far, horizontal ribbon mixers have been widely used in coatings, putty, mortar, pesticides, plastics, food and other industries. The spiral blade rotates and pushes the material to make it mix well in the container. Therefore, the horizontal ribbon mixer can efficiently mix thick material or powder; the large diameter pneumatic valve ensures unobstructed material discharge; stainless steel The blade is mirror polished, easy to clean and has no residue.

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