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Polishing processing and vibration requirements of mung bean powder making machine
Aug 13, 2018

The mung bean powder making machine has high frequency vibration during the operation, and saves time and improves quality when used. The mung bean powder manufacturing machine does not drive the machine speed too fast during work, so that collision can be avoided. Wash the floor with flammable liquids or operate the machine in explosive air.

When the mung bean powder making machine is operating the machine, the operating lever cannot be lifted, which will cause the machine to lose control. The machine must be placed indoors, not rain or snow, and never spray any liquid on the top of the machine. Do not press on the machine because it has a precise balance, and all wires must be moved when the operation requires moving the target.

The mung bean powder manufacturing machine is suitable for the grinding and polishing of large quantities of medium, small and large-sized parts to a certain extent, so that the work efficiency can be effectively improved by 6 to 10 times. The vibrating grinding machine has high frequency vibration, so that the work object and the grinding stone Or steel balls, abrasives, etc. are closely and uniformly mixed and spirally vortex-like. The vibrating mill grinds or polishes the surface of the workpiece, especially those that are susceptible to deformation or complex shapes, and the working objects in the holes are vibrated.

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