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Polyurethane mixing machine features and use of maintenance
May 17, 2018

Polyurethane mixer is a kind of stirring equipment specially designed for polyurethane. It plays an important role in dissolving, dispersing and stirring various mixed liquids and solids. It has been widely used in chemical products such as coatings, pigments, inks, and adhesives. The production process.


Polyurethane mixer mainly includes mechanical lifting, mixing system, transmission system and electrical equipment. The mixing system consists of box, motor, worm gear box, gear box, blade, scraper, cylinder, worm and program controller. All parts are compact and functionally coordinated.


A shock-absorbing leaf spring is mounted on the bottom of the frame. A bottom plate is mounted on the lower end of the shock-absorbing leaf spring. A feed tube is mounted on the upper end of the frame. The stirrer motor is mounted in the middle of the upper end of the frame. The shaft of the stirrer motor is connected to the stirrer shaft and stirred. Several stirring blades are welded on the shaft, several guide plates are welded on the upper surface of the stirring blades, and the bubble machine is installed inside the frame. Such a structure not only has fast stirring speed, saves time, and is uniform in stirring and is convenient to use. Simple and efficient.


The transmission type of polyurethane mixer is that the motor is connected to the worm gear box worm and the worm gear is driven. The upper end of the worm gear shaft drives the mixer tube to rotate counterclockwise through the clutch. The output gear at the lower end of the worm gear shaft is engaged with the lower end gear of the column, and the gear box is transmitted through the vertical shaft coupling. The driving gear is driven by the intermediate gear stirring gear to rotate the stirring blade clockwise.


During operation, the gear box body in the polyurethane mixer needs to be put down, and the program control switch is turned on to perform an empty operation and check whether the steering is consistent with the direction. After stopping, check whether the gap between the scraper and the mixing drum wall and the bottom of the mixing drum is correct. After the adjustment, tighten the stirring leaf nut and put the material prepared in proportion into the drum, and start the stirring.


It should be noted that the polyurethane mixer should be placed in a dry and non-corrosive medium. After use, the inside of the cylinder and the stirring blade must be scrubbed with clean water and wiped dry. Attention should be paid to whether the fasteners are loose after use. Tighten it in time.

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