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Powder mixing equipment sealing effect
Apr 08, 2018

In the process of operation, the powder mixing equipment is mainly driven by an electric motor. The barrel of the entire equipment is directly driven by the sprocket. The stirring blades of the powder mixing equipment are mainly driven by the triangle belt during the production. , Simple structure, reliable transmission, easy maintenance.

Powder mixing equipment is mainly used double-cone cylindrical support bearings, in the production of the main use of mechanical seal dust treatment, in the process of operation will have a reliable sealing effect, the powder will not appear its leakage In this case, the bearing will not be damaged due to rapid wear of the bearing due to the material entering the bearing.

The double-cone feed inlet of the powder mixing equipment is mainly used to open the valve with quick opening and opening. The discharge opening of the whole equipment is directly using its large-diameter 90° valve, which is very useful during the operation process. The convenience.

The main advantages of powder mixing equipment

1. The powder mixing equipment has a good sealing effect and can be used for mixing liquid materials.

2. The powder mixing equipment can effectively customize the spray or additive device according to the requirements of its customers to a certain extent.

3. According to the needs of users can be changed into a vacuum dryer.

Applicable area of powder mixing equipment

The powder mixing machine is suitable for the mixing of powder or granular materials in medicine, feed, food, metallurgy, ceramics, chemical industry and other industries.

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