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Powder sieving machine brief description
Mar 14, 2018

In fact, the powder sieving machine can be regarded as a high-precision fine powder screening machine. During its operation, not only the work efficiency is high, but also it is very stable and reliable, and the operation noise is low. Because the powder screening machine adopts a fully-enclosed structure, it can meet the screening and filtration of materials such as grain, powder and liquid.


First, the structure of the powder sieving machine principle introduced:


The powder screening machine which is currently more popular in the market belongs to a three-dimensional rotary vibrating screen, which uses an upright motor as a vibration source, and an eccentric weight is mounted on the upper and lower ends of the motor. In this way, the rotating motion of the motor can be converted into horizontal, vertical, and oblique three-dimensional motions, and this motion can be transmitted to the screen surface. During the operation, the trajectory of the material on the screen surface can be changed by adjusting the phase angles of the upper and lower ends.


Second, the main features of the powder sieving machine analysis:


Analyzed from the actual application situation, due to the exquisite and durable structural design, the powder screening machine not only has high working efficiency, but also is applicable to various powders and mucilages. In the application process, changing the net is easy, the operation is simple, and the cleaning is convenient. And there is no need to worry about problems such as clogging of the mesh and flying powder.


During the operation of this powder screening machine, some impurities and coarse materials contained therein can be automatically discharged to maintain continuous operation. The whole unit is small in size, saves space, and is easy to move.


Third, powder sieving machine applicable industry introduction:


So far, powder screening machines have been widely used in different fields. For example, in the chemical industry, they can be used to screen resins, coatings, industrial drugs, cosmetics, paints, and Chinese medicine powders. In the food industry, powder screening machines can be used to screen sugar powder, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, and the like.

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