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Power mixer and mechanical seal of medicine mixer machine
Mar 23, 2018

In the process of operation, the medicine mixer machine will be equipped with its power device. The mixing time of the equipment is about 5-10 minutes, the mixing uniformity, the mixing of the medical mixer is mainly using its 360 degree rotation and turning, and the middle of the mixer is There will be stirring blades.

When the mixing machine of the medical mixing machine is running, the mixing blades rotate at the same time. During the operation, the double cones of the rotating cylinders will cause the material in the cylinder to generate turbulent tumbling and mixing, and the mixing blades at the high-speed rotation will smash the agglomerated materials. It will make the material in the cylinder body quickly mixing mixer is a new, efficient, fine container rotation, mixing type mixing equipment.

In the process of operation, the medical mixer is mainly used for uniform mixing of various powdery and granular materials, and has a high degree of mixing when used, and can also achieve the same amount of ingredients that are added in small quantities during operation. Its better mixing degree.

The medical mixer effectively uses its mechanical seal, and its powder will not leak during operation. Its bearing has a long service life. The machine has high mixing efficiency, high work efficiency, low labor intensity, and convenient operation. Can be used in magnetic powder, ceramics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, feed and other industries. Industry's powder additives and trace elements are mixed, clean and not oxidized.

The medicine mixer machine has the advantages of simple structure, reasonableness, convenient maintenance, low power, safety and reliability, high mixing uniformity, no residue, and good sealing performance. It is suitable for the mixing of powder additives and trace elements in many industries. It is clean and not oxidized.

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