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Precautions before and during operation of organic fertilizer granulation machine
Sep 14, 2018

The organic fertilizer granulation machine should be operated in the forward direction; at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the change of the temperature of the body at any time. When the strip is touched with a clean hand, it should be heated immediately until the strip is properly touched. Pay attention to the operation law of the equipment; if the machine temperature is high or low, the speed is fast and slow, and it can be processed in time according to the situation.


Before the organic fertilizer granulation machine is turned on, first warm up for about forty-five minutes, and raise the temperature to the motorized V-belt until it is free to pull continuously for eight to ten times according to the normal working direction. Then continue to heat up for about ten minutes, and then start up, but continue to warm, because normal production needs to continue to replenish heat; adjust the temperature according to different properties of plastic.


When the organic fertilizer granulator is working normally, the machine temperature should be stable, not to be high or low; near the venting hole, until the temperature of the head is maintained at about 200 °C. And the feeding should be uniform, the feeding speed and the feeding speed should be matched properly, otherwise the quality and yield of the particles will be affected. When the organic fertilizer granulator is shut down, the main machine should completely cut off the power supply, the head plug must be removed, and it should be preheated separately before the next use.

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