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Processing principle and function of ultra fine grinding machine
Jul 27, 2018

During the working process, the super refiner can use a lower pressure to press the oil stone against the rotating workpiece to form a surface contact state, and at the same time, the oil stone makes a higher frequency axial vibration. The machine can greatly improve the roughness in a short time, so that the quality of product finishing meets the actual requirements.


In the process of ultra fine grinding machine, due to the low pressure method, the surface of the workpiece does not change abnormally, and the surface metamorphic layer generated by the process (grinding or cutting) can be removed or mostly removed. Since the oil stone is in surface contact with the workpiece and is automatically contoured, it is possible to remove surface ripples (edges) which are prone to occur in the grinding process, thereby improving the roundness.


The super-refiner can finish the grinding of different material workpieces and support different process methods, such as oil stone super fine, abrasive belt super fine, CAB and plane super fine and brush deburring. It can be operated manually, fully automatically or in combination with a beat belt, a door or a mechanical hand. The surface after processing by the superfinishing machine minimizes friction, improves performance, and extends the life cycle of components.

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