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Professional food mixer working principle and characteristics
Mar 08, 2018

From the structure point of view, the common structure of professional food mixer for V-cylinder structure design. During the operation of this kind of professional food mixer, the V-shaped cylinder rotates around the center of the rotating shaft driven by the driving shaft, and the material therein also moves along with these two V-shaped inclined cylinders for gravity diffusion. When the connection of the V-shaped cylinder rotates in the lower position, the material converges to the bottom.


With continued rotation, the v-tube connection of the specialty food mixer will reach the upper position where the material collected at the bottom is diverted into two inclined cylinder bodies. In such a case, the material in each inclined cylinder body can enter into another inclined cylinder via the connecting port again. Therefore, with constant rotation, the material of the V-shaped cylinder is repeatedly dislocated, translated and diffused, and finally the uniform mixing is achieved.


From the above operation to analyze, during the operation of this professional food mixer, the main is the use of gravity diffusion principle to achieve the mixing of materials. This mixing mode for the material pressure is small, will not produce shear material crushed. And the cylinder is made of high quality stainless steel, the inner and outer walls are polished, the process of mixing materials without pollution, low power consumption, easy to clean.


Not only that, the use of this professional food mixer when there will be no dust leakage or flying problem, it is because of its internal configuration is stainless steel butterfly valve discharge. In addition, if you are using a large volume mixer, you can work with the appropriate vacuum feeding system to improve work efficiency and improve the working environment.


From a theoretical point of view, this specialty food mixer is particularly suitable for material mixing between particle sizes and between apparent densities. If required, a compulsory mixing blade can also be added to the V-barrel to speed up the mixing of specialty food mixers.

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