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Professional introduction of crushing method and performance characteristics of Spice Pulverizer
May 30, 2018

Spice Pulverizer is a crushing device designed for special materials such as spices. Its main structure includes components such as organic shells, doors, turbines, spindles, screens, pulleys and electric motors. Each component smashes materials. All play an important role and are indispensable.


When the spice crushes and rotates, the motor will drive the main shaft and the turbine to rotate at a high speed so that the grinding blocks on the turbine and the screen ring will be broken and grinded. When the material enters the cavity from the hopper, the material will rotate in the turbine. The air flow is tightly rubbed and strongly impinges on the inside of the blades of the turbine and is ground again in the gap between the blades and the grinding blocks.


While the Spice Pulverizer is smashing the material, the turbine sucks in a large amount of air, which serves to cool the machine, grind the material, and convey fines. The fineness of the material comminution depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the throughput of the material and air.


Due to the special labyrinth seal installed on the bearing components of the spice grinder, dust can be effectively prevented from entering the bearing cavity, thereby extending the service life of the bearing. In addition, its door is also equipped with a silicone rubber seal, no dust leakage and pollution of the operating environment.


In addition to the excellent working principle, the Spice Pulverizer has different characteristics from ordinary crushing equipment. First of all, its crushing ability is very good and its energy consumption is low, so the product has relatively small fineness. At the same time, because the Spice Pulverizer strengthens the shearing function, it has a much higher crushing capacity for fibrous materials than the general equipment.


Secondly, the crushing space of the Spice Pulverizer is large, and the high-strength air pressure generated during the operation of the turbine can not only increase the production capacity and reduce the phenomenon of over-crushing, but also effectively avoid the deposition and clogging of the screen caused by the crushing process of the material. . In addition, its screen is convenient to install, reliable in positioning, and its service life is much higher than that of the ring screen.


Because the spice grinder designed a built-in motor, the center of gravity of the machine was reduced, effectively reducing equipment noise. The main machine adopts water cooling and the whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the GMP production requirements. In short, the Spice Pulverizer will be the preferred equipment for crushing spices.

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