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Reference basis for purchasing white pepper powder milling machine
Jul 18, 2018

When selecting a white pepper powder milling machine, the first thing to consider is to crush the raw materials. The powder is oily and fibrous. The white pepper is like a turbine. Secondly, according to the pulverization fineness selection, if the material only needs to be powdered to 20-120 mesh, it can be controlled by the screen; if the material needs to be powdered to 20-320 mesh, it has to be air-selected, no sieve, no mesh, and granularity. It is a sieveless micro-grinder that adjusts as needed.


At the same time, we must also consider the production capacity of white pepper crusher. The configuration and description of the general model have production capacity. Customers should choose the model size according to their actual needs. For example, the finer the fineness of the same machine, the lower the yield. The finer the fineness, the higher the yield.


In addition, do not neglect the discharge mode of the white pepper powder milling machine, single machine, with dust box, cyclone dust automatic discharge, through the negative pressure wind transport method to transport the material into the cyclone, so that no dust flying, improve the working environment It is good for the health of the operator.

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