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Safety operation rules and performance requirements for industrial powder grinding machines
Jul 05, 2018

The main body of the industrial powder grinder is effectively disposed on the outer side of the main body, and is mainly spaced from the outer wall of the main body of the industrial powder grinder during the operation, and the main body of the grinder and the sealing cover and the main body fixing frame can be Relative movement, fixed connection between the main body fixing frame and the sealing cover, a grinding component is arranged inside the main body of the grinding machine, and a driving motor and a controller are externally disposed.


In the process of industrial powder grinding machine, its staff must be familiar with the structure and performance of its equipment, and must not use it for super performance. The sum of its parts and grinding concrete shall not exceed 90% of the volume of the hopper. After the power is turned on, the air is running, and the operation should be smooth and there is no abnormal noise.


Before the grinding of the industrial powder grinding machine, the workpiece must be deoiled and treated to a certain extent. During the processing, it is necessary to effectively add the abrasive and control the amount of water according to the grinding condition of the workpiece. When the work is finished, stop the power supply, clean the equipment, and do the equipment maintenance work.


The industrial powder grinding machine needs to effectively check and tighten the screws before starting the safety operation. It is effective to check whether the rotation of the motor shaft is flexible. If the equipment is in operation, it needs to stop immediately if it is abnormal. For the month, the grease fill of the bearing of the vibration motor or rotating shaft should be filled with lithium base grease. When you get off work, you should turn off the power.

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