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Screw feeder conveyor diversified working methods
Sep 21, 2018

In practical applications, screw conveyors can work in different ways, one is the more common gravity sliding method. The spiral speed of the screw conveyor is low, and the material on the spiral surface is far more affected by gravity than the centrifugal force. As the rotating material of the spiral continuously slides along the spiral surface, axial displacement occurs.


This working method of the screw conveyor can make the material in a state of easy rolling and free rolling, and is less squeezed, and is suitable for materials which are easy to agglomerate and have high abrasion resistance. When the standard spiral is used, not only can the speed of the sliding down be maintained, but also the ability to adapt to the inclined conveying.


The screw conveyor can also complete the material conveying by pushing method. This method is used for the unloading conveying screw at the bottom of the warehouse. The material is often filled with spiral. With the rotation of the screw, the nut can be moved in the axial direction. Spirals often use variable pitch spirals with a large pitch at the exit end.


There is also a centrifugal induction method, which is suitable for vertical spiral conveyors with steep inclination, or any screw conveyor with higher rotation speed. The working characteristic is that the material filling amount is between two kinds, and the high speed in the spiral Underneath, the loose material is far more affected by centrifugal force than other external forces such as gravity.

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