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Sealing performance and use characteristics of Industrial Powder Grinder
Aug 09, 2018

The industrial powder grinder is effective in the process of manufacturing, including a cylindrical grinder body, a sealing cover, and a main body fixing frame. When the operation is performed, an annular groove which is intended to fit with the opening of the main body of the grinder is disposed on the sealing cover. The main body of the industrial powder grinder is provided with a main body fixing frame, and is spaced apart from the outer wall of the main body of the grinder, and a grinding assembly is disposed inside the main body of the grinder, and a fixing member and a fixing bracket are externally disposed.


The industrial powder grinder assembly comprises a central shaft, a gear and a wheel bracket, the central shaft is connected with the fixing member, the fixing member is arranged on the fixing bracket, the wheel bracket is a hollow cylinder, is sleeved on the central shaft, and the gear sleeve is sleeved on On the wheel bracket, and able to rotate circumferentially along the wheel bracket. The driving motor includes two, one of which is disposed inside the wheel bracket, the driving wheel bracket rotates, and the other is disposed outside the cylinder fixing frame to control the rotation of the grinding machine body. The device has the characteristics of good sealing performance and high grinding efficiency.


The Industrial Powder Grinder effectively utilizes the characteristics of fixed abrasive grinding. During the operation, the density distribution of the abrasive on the abrasive tool is reasonably designed according to the relative movement track density distribution between the workpiece grinding tools, so that the abrasive tool appears in the grinding process. The wear does not affect the accuracy of the surface of the grinding tool, thereby significantly improving the surface accuracy of the workpiece and avoiding the trouble of dressing the grinding tool.

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