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Short mixing time of fine powder mixer and operation process
Apr 11, 2018

The fine powder mixer mainly adopts its four-wheel vertical design in the process of operation. The whole device is small in size and easy to move in the process of design. The fine powder mixer will be equipped with a cycloid wheel in a certain degree. The geared motor is low in noise and durable during operation.

The fine powder mixer can, to a certain extent, complete its homogeneous mixing in a short period of time. The entire device is low in energy consumption and high in efficiency, and it is accurate and durable. The timing device can choose mixing time from 0 to 30 minutes.

Fine Powder Mixer 2D Mixer

The two-dimensional mixer mainly refers to a mixer that simultaneously performs two directions of motion. The two directions of motion refer to the rotation of the drum, and the drum rotates to a certain degree with the swing frame. In the process of operation, the mixing material will rotate, flip and mix in the rotating drum with the drum. At the same time, the mixing movement of the drum occurs with the swing of the drum. Under the joint action of the two sports, The material is fully mixed in a short time.

The drum of the fine powder mixer is mounted on the swing plus, during the manufacturing process, it is mainly supported by four rollers and axially positioned directly by the two gears, among the four supporting rollers, wherein The two drive wheels are dragged by the rotary power system to rotate the drum.

The swing frame of the fine powder mixer is mainly driven by a set of crank-pendulum mechanism. In operation, the crank-pendulum mechanism is effectively mounted on the frame, and the swing is added during the manufacturing process mainly by the bearing. The components are supported on the frame, so that the rotating drum can participate in swinging while the drum rotates, so that the materials in the drum can be fully mixed.

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