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Shredder speed difference solution
Jan 16, 2018

1, adjust the hammer screen clearance

The use of the surface of the screen friction with the material and the screen surface of different distances and different friction characteristics, by adjusting the hammer sieve gap, increasing the hammer and material hammer speed difference, thereby enhancing efficiency. However, in the feed production process, the sieve is different, different raw materials, hammer sieve clearance need to be adjusted often; in the mill, the grinder just started working and working for some time, the grinder cavity composition will change; In the mill parts, the hammer easily wear, hammer front wear, hammer sieve gap change increases, the output will decline, it is difficult to lasting. Of course, in order to meet the needs of some kind of crusher output test, it is feasible to determine the proper gap and suction of a certain mesh, a certain kind of mesh, without considering the service life of the sieve and the hammer However, in the production of feed pulverizer, various kinds of specific measurement data based on the working experience of the operator and the technical content of the pulverizer itself are two cases, and the data People who have rich operating experience and their labor also need high cost of use. Hammer wear, hammer sieve gap increases, the friction decreases, reducing the efficiency of grinding.

2, rational use of the negative surface of the burr

Put the screen punching hair side on the inside, can increase the friction, but in a short while, mesh burr polished, no efficiency. Lasting about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3, increase suction

Negative pressure in the mill system, suction attached to the surface of the sieve material, the material in the screen surface friction increases, but also can increase the hammer and material hammering speed difference, but increased suction will increase the hammer, sieve Wear and tear, efficiency is not lasting. At the same time suction power consumption also increased.

4, placed in the crusher washboard

Washboard resistance material ring role, but the role of limited, first washboard teeth acting on the front of the hammer, the friction surface is small, there are durable wear hammer problem; second washboard squeeze sieve angle, washboard area is too large screen will Reduce, while the screen area is too small output will be reduced.

5, the use of fish scale sieve technology

There are many small protrusions on the surface of fish scale sieve, which play the role of enhancing friction. The scale sieve does not occupy the corner of the sieve and can increase the sieve area, which is better than that of the washboard. However, the small protrusions of fish scale sieve are easy to wear and the price is more expensive. After accounting for increased production and offsetting the cost of sieve, the benefit is not obvious.

6, using thin hammer technology

Hammer thin side shape (4 mm below), the principle is not easy to stir up the material, not easy to produce material with the hammer at the same speed rotation of the trend. Under normal circumstances, the same type of structure of the mill with a thin hammer, can increase the output of about 20% of the original basis, thin hammer technology is more effective, very hidden, very conducive to a variety of grinder Sales of products, especially in the case of shredders, yield favorable conditions for the shredder manufacturer in the short run, making it easy to market other products that are not technically efficient. However, thin hammer short life, the general continuous use of about 10 days need to be replaced, remove the last few days of low yield, remove the replacement of the hammer money, time and labor costs, the benefits are limited.

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