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Sifter main purpose
Jan 16, 2018

1 metal powder: aluminum. Lead, zinc, copper, iron, nickel, alloy, and other magnetic metal powder.

2. Resin, plastic, rubber chemicals, dyes, fillers and other chemical and chemical materials.

3. Health indicators meet the design of food categories: flour, cocoa, coffee, spices, additives and so on.

4. According to GMPS requirements of the design of Chinese and Western medicines, Western medicine, proprietary Chinese medicines.

5. Grain grains, corn, beans, sesame and other crop selection, shelled, to miscellaneous.

6. Abrasives: glass beads, alumina, corundum, chlorine, emery, quartz sand and other abrasive materials.

7. Feed processing powder, granules, additives and so on.

8. Fertilizer raw material screening and other finished fine sieve.

9. Various minerals in the mineral raw powder and finished products after screening.

10. Fibrous material: wood chips, wood flour, charcoal, activated carbon, carbon black and other fiber materials.

11. Welding, refractories, phosphors and other materials and resources recycling.

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