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Slow down function and control system of turmeric grinding machine
Aug 07, 2018

In the process of operation, the turmeric grinding machine mainly adopts a stepless speed control system, and the grinding speed suitable for grinding various components can be easily adjusted to some extent. The electric-gas proportional valve closed-loop feedback and pressure control can independently control the pressure device.

The turmeric grinding machine has a descending function on the upper plate, which can effectively prevent the crushing of the crispy workpiece. During operation, a time relay and a grinding counter can be used to accurately set and control the grinding time according to the processing requirements during operation. Number of grinding rings. The pressure mode can be adjusted during work, and the alarm prompt will be automatically stopped when the grinding set time or lap time is reached, achieving semi-automatic operation.

The turmeric grinder shift control method has three stages in the grinding process during operation, namely, the start phase, the formal phase and the end phase. At the beginning, the grinding tool is rotated at a rising speed, the official phase of the grinding tool rotates at a constant speed, and the final stage of the grinding tool is lowered. The speed rotation is characterized in that, at the beginning of the grinding process, the acceleration of artificially controlling the rotation speed of the grinding tool increases from zero to fast, and when the rotation speed of the grinding tool rises to half of the official grinding speed, an inflection point occurs in the change of the acceleration. The acceleration that controls the speed of the grinding tool is reduced from the maximum to the slowest until the grinding speed reaches the official grinding speed, and the acceleration of the grinding speed decreases to zero.

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