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Structural characteristics of Industrial Ribbon Blender
Jun 28, 2018

Under normal circumstances, we mainly use Industrial Ribbon Blender to operate in the laminar flow region, and are widely used for fluid mixing with high viscosity and pseudoplasticity. The blades of Industrial Ribbon Blender are generally designed with a ribbon-shaped structure. The number of ribbons is two or three and they are installed on the screw in the center of the stirrer.


For industrial ribbon mixing, the outer diameter of the ribbon depends mainly on the size of the thread pitch. This equipment is a slow-type stirrer, often operating in the laminar flow area. The liquid rises or falls along the helicoidal surface to form an up and down cycle in the axial direction. It is suitable for the mixing and heat transfer of medium and high viscosity liquids. Common medium viscosity μ <105cP, common speed n = 0.5-50rpm, v = 2m / s.


Its structure can be designed according to the user's specific requirements. For example, in an industrial ribbon type agitation, the clearance between the spiral taper and the inner wall of the stirring tank is small, and the stirring diameter is large, which increases the up-down circulation efficiency of the liquid in the tank wall, and thus the heat transfer process for the high-viscosity liquid is very high. Be applicable. It adopts a combination of screw and screw, which has the characteristics of screw and ribbon, and strengthens the circulation of the liquid inside and outside, and is especially effective for non-Newtonian plastic and viscoelastic liquids.


Under the action of industrial screw-type stirring, the material can be turned upside down, and at the same time, due to the special structure of the screw stirrer, the inner layer material and the outer layer material are radiated in two directions, thus achieving uniform mixing of the materials. purpose.

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