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Structural components and pulverization principle of the spice pulverizer
Jul 14, 2018

From the structural analysis, the spice pulverizer mainly includes components such as the casing, the door, the turbine, the main shaft, the screen, the pulley and the motor. The bearing parts of the spice pulverizer are equipped with a special labyrinth seal, which can effectively prevent the dust from entering the bearing cavity, thus prolonging the service life of the bearing; the machine door is equipped with a silicone rubber sealing ring, which has no dust leakage and pollutes the operating environment.


When the fragrance is pulverized, the motor will drive the spindle and the turbine to rotate at a high speed; thus the grinding block on the turbine and the screen ring constitutes a crushing and grinding pair, and when the material enters the machine cavity from the hopper, the material is in the swirling airflow of the turbine. It rubs tightly and strongly against the inside of the blade of the turbine and is ground again in the gap between the blade and the grinding block.


While the comminution mill pulverizes the material, the turbine draws in a large amount of air, which acts to cool the machine, grind the material, and transport the fine material. The fineness of the material pulverization depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the throughput of the material and air.

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