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Structural features of turmeric powder fine grinding machine and preparation before starting
Aug 29, 2018

The boring after grinding by the turmeric powder fine grinding machine can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, and the particle size of the material to be ground is determined by changing the mesh of different meshes to meet the grinding requirements of different users. The turmeric powder fine grinding machine has a simple and firm structure, stable operation, fast and uniform grinding materials, and good effect.


The turmeric powder fine grinding machine is made of stainless steel material. All the tooth grooves inside the casing are precision machined to achieve smooth surface and easy to clean. It changes the rough inner wall of the ordinary grinding machine, easy to accumulate powder and difficult to clean. The turmeric powder is finely ground. The machine enables food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other production to meet GMP requirements.


The turmeric powder fine grinding machine should be carefully and thoroughly checked before starting the machine. It is necessary to check that there is no foreign matter in the equipment, check whether all the fastening screws are loose, or check whether the belt is tight or not. It should be flexible and easy.


At the same time, add appropriate amount of lubricating grease to the bearing of the turmeric powder fine grinding machine; and install the screen as required; check whether the components and pipes of the cyclone separator are complete; finally install the collection drum and cloth bag of the lining plastic bag of the cyclone separator.

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