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Structure of the grain pulverizer
Mar 01, 2018

Grain pulverizer mainly refers to a device that can be used to crush cereal materials such as rice, corn, flour, bran, straw and the like. Grain grinder can also be used to grind rice, wet grinding soybeans, making tofu, wet starch corn pancake, crushing potatoes, sweet potato powder, miscellaneous grains feed, pepper and other medicinal materials processing, can be called a good helper.


As a user, you need to check whether the power supply is suitable before turning on the grain pulverizer. You should check the running status of the equipment during startup. Join the material after the machine is running to crush, the thickness can be flexibly adjusted. From the entire process point of view, the device can be divided into the structure of the feed, transmission, work and regulation of four parts, the specific division is as follows:


The first is the feed section, where the material enters the grain mill from the hopper. Under normal circumstances, the amount of feed is mainly controlled by the pumping board, pumping board with airfoil screw seat in a certain position. Then the transmission part, the V-belt from the motor or internal combustion engine into the power, with the spindle rotation, both sides of the spindle are supported on the bracket and the collective rolling bearings.


After that part of the work, then the material will gradually enter the equipment coarse crushing room, at the same time by the feeder tendons and broken coarse sets of internal coarse crushing effect. And will be feeder ribs transported to between the two grinding tablets, moving grinding tablets due to impeller driven, fixed grinding tablets have a relative movement, due to grinding on the grinding of the role of logistics, logistics gradually ground into powder, from The lower part of the grain mill discharges.


Finally, look at the adjustment section. In the grain pulverizer, the adjustment of the production situation is mainly controlled by adjusting screws. Normally, the adjustment screw of the grain mill is supported by the body cover, and the spindle is moved by adjusting the bearing seat, and the impeller is embedded on the main shaft.

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