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Suitable conditions and installation methods of ribbon blender
Aug 20, 2018

The blade of the ribbon blender is in the form of a ribbon. The number of bare loans in operation is two to three. When it is operated, it is installed on the screw in the center of the agitator. The pitch of the ribbon agitator determines the pitch. The outer diameter of the ribbon.

Suitable conditions for ribbon blender

Ribbon blenders are typically operated under laminar flow conditions and are suitable for mixing high viscosity liquids and pseudoplastic fluids. This kind of stirring method will produce strong shearing effect. It can break the digested raw materials by the rotation of the blade, which is beneficial to the mixing of high-viscosity materials. From the perspective of saving power consumption, mechanical stirring is the most effective, and high-concentration material biogas fermentation is large-scale biogas. The key to the operation technology of the project is that the viscosity of the anaerobic digestion raw materials is relatively high. Only the stirring of the bubbles and the liquid is relatively weak to the stirring of the liquid, so the mechanical stirring is the trend of mixing and stirring of the large-scale biogas project.

Installation of the ribbon mixer

1. Top center agitation: Install the agitation device on the center line of the equipment, generally for pulley drive or gear transmission. It can be directly connected to the motor or reducer. This is also the biggest advantage of this type of agitation. It is widely used.

2. Bottom agitation: The bottom agitator is installed at the bottom of the reactor, centered or eccentric. The advantage of bottom mixing is that the agitator shaft is short and thin, there is no intermediate bearing, mechanical seal can be used, long service life and easy maintenance.

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