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The application of natural spices in meat products
Mar 14, 2018

Natural spices play an important role in the processing of meat products with unique flavors and odors. It not only gives meat products a unique flavor, but also can suppress and correct the bad smell of meat products, increase the aroma of appetizing, promote digestion and absorption of the human body, and many spices also have antibacterial and antiseptic functions. Most spices have no toxic side effects.

There are many kinds of spices, according to the source can be divided into natural spices, preparation of spices two broad categories.

1, mainly aromatic spices: anise, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, tempeh, allspice, pepper, cumin

2, Spices based on spicy appetite: ginger, chili, pepper, mustard

3, spices with the main aroma odor: garlic, onion, bay leaf, sage leaves

4, coloring spices: red pepper, turmeric, saffron

The use of spices in meat products

1, the whole spice: spices without any processing, when used in the general water and boiled with meat products, so that the taste of substances dissolved in water is absorbed by the meat products, which is the most traditional and most primitive use of spices.

2, spices crushed material: spices dried according to different requirements after pulverization into granules or powder, use directly into the meat products (such as allspice, curry powder, etc.) or with meat products in the soup cooking (crush into large particles Spices used to marinate products). Spice utilization is high.

Spice coarse crusher(crushed into pellets)

Spice coarse crusher.jpg

Spices grinding machine:Gridning spices to powders

Spice coarse crusher.jpg

Spice Hammer mill + spice Pulverizer (super fine powder)

Spice Hammer mill.jpg

3, spices extract: The spice through the distillation, pressing, supercritical extraction and other processes can be prepared by the essential oil, can be directly added to the meat. The advantages of easy dissolution, but the aroma components exposed on the surface, easy to oxidation and loss.

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