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The characteristics of the ribbon blender machine and its series of advantages
Sep 28, 2018

The appearance of the ribbon blender machine changes the mixing condition of the powder-powder, powder-liquid, solid material and granular materials of the traditional process, so that the mixing of powder-powder, powder-liquid, solid material and granular material is high-speed and high-efficiency. Easy to operate and clean, no pollution, marking the remarkable progress of modern technology, widely used in medicine, food, veterinary drugs, modified starch, paper, chemicals, feed, CPE plastic particles and other industries.


The ribbon blender machine can uniformly mix the material of 1:10000 ratio, especially for the mixing of materials with large specific gravity characteristics. Moreover, usually, the mixing of each batch of materials generally achieves full mixing and stirring in 1-10 minutes, which is 6-10 times higher or higher than that of other mixers.


The ribbon blender machine typically has a loading of more than 70%. Because the outer spiral belt and the U-shaped cylinder wall gap are very small in the processing process, and the spiral belt is always running during the discharge, the material moves toward the discharge valve, and substantially all of the light is emitted, and the residual amount is small.


The ribbon mixer can meet the vacuum loading and dust-free discharge, avoiding the dust flying in the whole feeding, mixing and discharging process, and the original state of the material is not destroyed. In addition, the mixing mechanism of the equipment is integral, safe and reliable, all angular welds are smooth transition, easy to clean, long service life, easy to operate and easy to operate.

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