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The main features and advantages of the granule conveyor
May 05, 2018

During the production process of the granule conveyor, the compressed air is mainly used as the starting power source, so that it can realize the transportation of various materials. It does not require a mechanical vacuum pump, and has a simple structure, small size, maintenance-free, noise Low, easy to control, eliminate static electricity and meet GMP requirements.

The high vacuum produced by the vacuum generator in the granule conveyor will make the conveyed material eliminate the delamination phenomenon to a certain extent and effectively ensure the homogeneity of the components of the mixture. It is a tablet press, a mixer, and a filling machine. Machines, dry granulators, packaging machines, pulverizers, vibrating screens and reactors are the preferred equipment for automatic feeding.

The main features of the granule conveyor

1. The particle conveyor fully complies with GMP standards to a certain extent, meets CIP requirements and can provide sterile grade products.

2. Modular design, eliminate dead angles, dismantle, clean and convenient.

3. Effectively solve the layering phenomenon of powder particles.

4. Elimination of material static electricity, no pollution to the surrounding environment.

5. Control, simple and convenient.

In the process of working, the particle conveyor does not need heat, and it is safe and explosion-proof during operation. It has no vibration, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, and low operation and maintenance costs.

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