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The main features of tobacco mixing machine
Apr 12, 2018

The structure of the tobacco blender is very advanced. It is very convenient in the process of operation. The whole equipment is very safe and reliable during operation. The quality of the tobacco blender is very uniform in a certain degree.

The energy saving effect of the tobacco mixing machine is very obvious. Compared with the drum mixer, the energy consumption of the tobacco blender is only one tenth of that. When the operation is carried out, the wear and pressure of the particulate material will be small and can be effectively reduced. The heat-sensitive material mixture will not be overheated.

When the tobacco blender is used, the mixed preparation is very stable. During the operation, the delamination and segregation phenomenon does not occur, the equipment is dust-free, the maintenance is convenient, and the service life is long. According to the user's requirements, it can be effectively made into a pressure vessel for its pressure or vacuum operation.

To a certain extent, the tobacco mixing machine will use its internal and external double-layer spiral ribbons to mix and reciprocate and stir. In the process of motion, the mixing speed is very fast and the homogeneity is high. The bearings are at both ends of the blender so that the material is not easy to enter. The overall equipment maintenance rate is low.

The feeding part of the tobacco mixing machine is directly entered by the feed hopper, and then the material is lifted into the mixer through the spiral blade to enter the mixing cylinder for stirring and mixing. The mixing part is mainly when the material enters the mixing cylinder to make a reciprocating staggered movement. Good mixing effect.

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