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The point of attention of the food powder grinder during use
Jul 25, 2018

The food powder grinder, as its name implies, allows it to further grind the required food materials to make the raw materials more refined so that they have a better effect on the application. To achieve the desired grinding results, not only must there be an efficient food powder grinder, but also a certain technology.


When the food powder grinder is ground, the first pre-dispersion is carried out to avoid uneven feeding; since the viscosity of the material in the food powder grinder affects the grinding efficiency, the viscosity control must be strict, and the solid content is usually controlled at 20%. -30% to keep the viscosity within a certain range.


Since the heat generated by the friction of the medium during the grinding process causes the temperature to rise, the food powder grinder mostly uses a lower grinding temperature. In order to maintain the stability of the material during the grinding process and the colloidal dispersibility of the particles in good condition, the pH of the material is also controlled.


Through the above various aspects, the food powder grinder can effectively grind the food into the desired state, which meets the requirements of further application; at the same time, the impact on the food powder grinder itself will be relatively small.

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