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The Structure and Application of Horizontal Spices Mixer
Mar 07, 2018

In comparison, the main advantage of the horizontal spices mixers is stable and efficient, that is, the material can be quickly and uniformly mixed in a short period of time. Next, we will introduce the operating mechanism, structural characteristics and application scope of the horizontal spice mixer mainly for everyone.


First, the spices mixer works:


Under normal operation, the horizontal spice mixer can move the spiral ribbon over a wide range with the spiral ribbon movement of the stirring axis. The inner spiral belt moves the material to both sides, and the outer spiral belt makes the material move inwardly from both sides to make the material infiltrate back and forth. There is also part of the material is driven by the spiral belt, no axial radial movement, thus forming convection cycle, to achieve rapid mixing.


Second, the structure of spices mixer features:


From the point of view of the whole machine, the horizontal spice mixer adopts a horizontal barrel, and the unique structure design of the two-layer spiral belt inside and outside it, so that it can maintain stable operation during operation. Not only the production quality and reliability, but also low noise, long service life. In addition to the user, the device is easy to install and maintain, and has a variety of blender structure, is a versatile multi-purpose mixing equipment.


From the practical application point of view, this horizontal spice mixer not only mixed fast, and high mixing uniformity, to meet different production requirements.


Third, the scope of application of spices mixer:


In fact, this horizontal spice mixer itself incorporates advanced foreign technology, on the basis of which innovative design and improvement, it is a new type of high efficiency mixing equipment. Horizontal spice mixers are well adapted for mixing different materials.

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