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The structure and application status of polyurethane mixing equipment
Dec 26, 2018

polyurethane mixing equipment is highly efficient and can fully agitate and dissolve a wide range of mixed liquids and solids. polyurethane mixing equipment is widely used in chemical products such as paints, pigments, inks and adhesives. The machine is mainly composed of four parts: mechanical lifting, stirring system, transmission and electric appliance.


From the perspective of the overall structure, the various parts of the polyurethane mixing equipment are compact and functionally coordinated. Among them, the mobile small mixer itself has running wheels, and has small volume and light weight, so the mobile performance is good, and is widely used in small and medium-sized temporary projects, and the operation is convenient.


In some construction industry, large-scale high-speed polyurethane mixing equipment is usually used, which has two relative rotations of the stirring blade moving clockwise and the stirring cylinder moving counterclockwise, so it has uniform stirring, short mixing time and high efficiency. Easy to operate and so on. In practical applications, high-speed polyurethane mixing equipment has won the favor of users with its advantages of excellent quality, low price and wide application.

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