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The temperature rise of the pulverizer machine for powder and the requirements for firm installation
Aug 21, 2018

In the process of production, the pulverizer machine for powder must always check the temperature rise of its bearing. When the temperature rise exceeds 50 degrees, it needs to be shut down immediately to check the cause and eliminate the fault to some extent.

When the new pulverizer machine for powder is in operation, its transmission belt is easy to stretch, and it is necessary to adjust the proper tightness of the belt during operation, so that the working life of the belt can be ensured, and the wearing parts should be checked frequently and replaced in time. Ensure production quality and production volume.

The blade and the liner of the powder pulverizer should always check the wear condition. If it is worn, the productivity will decrease, and the particle size will become thicker and it will be replaced after being worn. The main engine and the graded flow bearing are grease-lubricated. The grease replacement period of the bearing is 2000 hours. The filling amount of the grease is 1/2 (upper measurement) or 3/4 (down measurement) in the bearing cavity. Filling the grease can cause the bearing temperature to be too high.

In the process of powder pulverizer, there should be no magnetic or friction sound, and the sieve should be installed firmly, sealed and not leaking, and the sieve frame should be fastened. If abnormal noise, discharge blockage, bearing or motor overheating are found during work, stop feeding, stop inspection, and troubleshoot.

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