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The use of mini pulverizer machine
Mar 17, 2018

The mini pulverizer machine can be used for high-speed crushing in the outward direction when it is in use. In the process of operation, the material will directly enter the crushing chamber. In the process of operation, the rotary crusher will smash the crusher to obtain the ideal crushing effect. When the work is done, the crushed material will automatically enter the trapping bag, and the dust will be recovered by the suction box through the bag.

In the process of production, the mini pulverizer machine does not have its dust flying and can increase the utilization rate of its materials, so that it can reduce the cost of its enterprises to a certain extent. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and is effective to a certain extent. In line with the "GMP" standard, it is easy to install, remove, and clean the crushing chamber. It is a new generation of suction and crushing equipment that has long been sought in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Mini pulverizer machine considerations

1. For the user's personal safety, the power supply must be grounded.

2. The crushed material must be dried and it is not suitable to process the damp and oily Chinese medicine.

3. The crushed drug should not exceed half of the crusher capacity.

4. It takes only half a minute for the traditional Chinese medicine to be crushed and the hard medicine can be crushed for one minute.

5. The micro-grinding machine cannot be used continuously for a long time, and the time for starting each time must not exceed 5 minutes. If the processing quantity is large, it should be used at intervals to prevent the bearing from overheating and damage the motor.

6. Do not start the switch when the top cover is open.

7. After long-term use, carbon brushes and blades are seriously worn and need to be replaced.

8. Always check the screws of the blade and must tighten.

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