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Transmission reliability and lubrication requirements for food powder grinder
Aug 17, 2018

The overall structure of the food powder grinder is simple but still needs to be used correctly. We need to do our daily maintenance in peacetime. When the food powder grinder is working for too long, the polishing roller has high frictional heat and high scald leather. Face, you need to cool down before operating. Before and after work, the surface of the polishing roll should be cleaned and waxed to keep the roll surface smooth and dust-free. In use, the pressure of the feeding roller is controlled to avoid excessive resistance, and the appliance is heated and burnt. Do the lubrication of the rotating parts of the transmission chain to keep the transmission accurate and reliable.

The food powder grinder needs to keep tilting backwards. The rear wheel must be stored on the ground. The power cord of the equipment needs to be stored. It must be wrapped around the hanging hook. Then wipe the surface layer of the power cord with a damp cloth. If the power cord is found. Damage, need to be replaced in time, can no longer be used; polishing machine appearance and each sheet metal cover, special motor, heat dissipation equipment surface must be kept clean, regularly clean the polishing supplies powder.

The food powder grinder can effectively check the screws, belts, tightness and looseness of each part of the equipment to check the wear level of each bearing. If it is damaged, it should be replaced. The guide rails should be cleaned, and the polishing consumable powder should not be placed on the guide rails. After the cleaning is completed, the lubricating oil should be added, the handles, the handball, the screws, the nuts and other parts should be added. Keep the machine neat. Clean the polishing machine accessories, clean, tidy, rust-proof.

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