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Type of turmeric powder grinding machine
Aug 15, 2018

Mechanical turmeric powder grinding machine is a kind of machine which is mainly used for crushing materials. It is also divided into gear grinding machine, hammer mill, knife mill, turbine mill, press mill and milling pulverizer.

The main contents are as follows:
(1) the gear grinding machine is operated by the high speed relative to the fixed gear ring and the rotating tooth disk, and comminutes the material (including impact, shear, collision, friction, etc.).
(2) Hammer crusher: a machine used to crush materials (including hammering, collision, friction, etc.) by the relative movement of high speed rotating movable hammers and fixed rings. The hammer crusher is divided into two parts: the movable hammer is a piece and the movable hammer is a block.
(3) Knife grinder: a machine for crushing materials (including shearing, collision, friction, etc.) by the relative motion of a high speed rotating knife plate (block, piece) and a fixed gear ring.

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