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Urethane mixing machines with advanced structure and good sealing effect
Oct 31, 2018

The polyurethane mixer has advanced structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, and the mixing speed is fast and the quality is uniform during the operation. The polyurethane mixer is asymmetrical arrangement of double helix, which enlarges one big and one small. The mixing range is therefore more suitable for the mixing of materials with a large specific gravity ratio and disparity.

The energy saving effect of the polyurethane mixing machines are very remarkable. Compared with the drum mixer, the energy consumption of the equipment is only one tenth of that. In the operation, the wear and pressure feeding of the granular materials are small, and the mixing of the heat sensitive materials does not occur. Overheating reaction. The mixed preparation was stable without delamination and segregation.

The polyurethane mixer is dust-free and easy to operate, easy to maintain, and long in service life. In addition, the cone can be made into a pressure vessel for pressurization or vacuum operation according to user requirements. The autobiography and revolution of this machine are completed by a set of motor and cycloidal needle reducer.

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