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Use of small powder grinder and grinding process
Jul 17, 2018

There are many uses for small powder grinders, such as grinding soybeans into powders; grinding rice into rice flour. In addition to its versatility, the small powder grinding machine has the advantages of small size, safe use, beautiful appearance, fast pulverizing speed and convenient pouring of materials.


The small powder grinding machine has become the main equipment for the operation of whole grain flour, and the relevant technical parameters, output and continuous working time of the equipment are reasonable. When the motor of the small powder grinder is started up, the connecting shaft and the grinding disc that is placed on the connecting shaft work together.


Wait until the material to be milled enters the mill sleeve from the hopper, the phase between the auger and the mill sleeve of the grinding disc, the crushing force causes the material to be broken into small pieces, and the small particles after the grinding are under the spiral motion of the grinding auger It is brought into the middle of the two grinding pieces, and the relative operation of the grinding teeth of the grinding piece causes the material to be pulverized into fine powdery particles in a short time. The powder flows out from the groove of the grinding piece, and is smashed to the periphery while being mounted on the grinding plate. The upper scraping board is taken down and flows out from the powder outlet.

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