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What is the working principle of the spice powder grinder?
Dec 10, 2018

The spice powder grinding machine is composed of three parts: the main machine, the auxiliary machine and the electric control box. The whole machine is compact in structure, and the machine is equipped with a classification mechanism, which can complete the crushing and classification. The negative pressure conveying causes the heat generated in the machine cavity to be continuously discharged during the pulverizing operation, so it is also suitable for the pulverization of the heat sensitive material.


The spice powder grinder has a wide range of applications, and can be continuously used for production operations. The fineness of the discharge can be adjusted. The materials that can be processed are: starch, oatmeal, flour, soybean, pea, lentils, mung beans, spices, flavors, spices, sweetness. The crushing and grading of various materials such as granules, cocoa powder, potato powder, coffee, milk powder, ginger, pepper, pepper, pepper, oil wheat, soybean, star anise, cinnamon, etc., is a new generation of crushing, vacuuming and continuous discharging. Crush equipment.


During the operation of the spice powder grinding machine, the material enters the crushing chamber from the material door through the screw conveyor, and is sheared and crushed by the high-speed blade. The material is transported into the cyclone separator by the negative pressure air transport method, and the bag filter is discharged. The material dust is filtered and collected by the dust box through the cloth bag. There is no dust flying during the production process, and the material utilization rate can be improved and the enterprise cost can be reduced.

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