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Working principle and product characteristics of V type powder mixer machine
Sep 06, 2018

The V-shaped cylinder of the V type powder mixer machine rotates around the center of the rotary shaft under the driving of the drive shaft, and the material therein also moves with the two inclined cylinders of the V-shape for gravity diffusion, when the connection of the V-shaped cylinder When the rotation is in the lower position, the material converges toward the bottom.


When the connection of the V-shaped cylinder of the V type powder mixer machine is rotated at the upper position, the materials collected at the bottom are branched into the two inclined cylinders, so that the material of each inclined cylinder can enter the other through the joint interface. Inside the inclined tube. As the cylinder rotates continuously and the position changes continuously, the material of the V-shaped cylinder is repeatedly misaligned, translated, and diffused, thereby achieving uniform mixing.


The V-type powder mixer is mixed by the principle of gravity diffusion, and the pressure feeding of the material is small, and the material is not sheared and pulverized. The cylinder is made of high quality stainless steel, and the inner and outer walls are polished. The mixing process has no pollution to the materials, low power consumption and convenient cleaning.


The V type powder mixer machine is equipped with stainless steel butterfly valve discharge, no dust leakage and flying phenomenon; it can also be equipped with vacuum loading system to improve work efficiency and improve working environment, especially suitable for similar between particle size and apparent density. The mixing of materials can also be applied to the mixing of easily condensable materials.

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