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Grains Mixer

  • Dry Flour Mixer Machine

    Dry Flour Mixer Machine

    JB series dry flour mixer machine consists of U-shaped container, ribbon stirring blade and transmission parts. The U-shaped long body cylinder structure ensures small resistance movement of the mixed material (powder, semi-fluid) in the cylinder.Read More
  • Powder Machine Mixer

    Powder Machine Mixer

    The powder machine mixer is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries such as dry powder material mixture, several kinds of materials with different proportion and different granularity can rapidly and evenly mixed.Read More
  • Food Mixer Machine

    Food Mixer Machine

    Food mixer machine by mixing barrel, spiral agitating vane and transmission parts, such as spiral blade made of the second floor, inside and outside the two layers of plastic screw will constantly together, make the material in a mixed mix, in a very short so as to achieve...Read More
  • Flour Mixer Machine

    Flour Mixer Machine

    Flour mixer machine as part of the fixed hopper mixer, a pyramid shaped, hopper inner surface is smooth, easy to clean, mixing condition, when mixed with no dead Angle, no pollution, the material under the weight of the smooth out of material, not more than expected, the...Read More
  • Ribbon Blender Mixer

    Ribbon Blender Mixer

    The mixing parts of the ribbon blender mixer is inner and outer spiral belt. The outer spiral belt is driven by the power, and its spiral mechanism coordinates with the direction of rotation to push the material from the two ends of the cylinder to the central zone, while the...Read More
  • Dry Flour Food Blender Machine

    Dry Flour Food Blender Machine

    The Dry Flour Food Blender Machine has a good effect on the mixing of viscous or cohesive powders and granules and the mixing of liquid and paste materials in the powder and granules.Read More
  • Professional Large Dough Food Powder Liquid Mixer

    Professional Large Dough Food Powder Liquid Mixer

    Powder liquid mixer is a high speed mixer with high homogeneity. The mixing time is short, especially for free flowing powders or granules. During the mixing process, the raw materials are transferred around the drum in a radial, lateral and longitudinal movement by the high...Read More
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