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Medicine Mixer Machine

Medicine Mixer Machine

The horizontal medicine mixer machine consists of a U-shaped container, a ribbon mixing blade and a transmission component.

The horizontal medicine mixer machine consists of a U-shaped container, a ribbon mixing blade and a transmission component. The ribbon-like blades are generally made of two or three layers, and the outer spiral gathers the materials from the sides to the center, and the inner layer spiral conveys the materials from the center to the sides to form a convection mixture. 

Medicine Mixer Machine is suitable for dry powders, particles and small blocks, with low viscosity pastes. It is the ideal equipment for mixing powder, solid and liquid, solid and pulp materials such as food, chemical, fine chemical, fertilizer, pesticide, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mining, building materials, ceramics, refractory materials, adhesives, etc.

Medicine Mixer Machine


The coulter rotates with the main shaft to make the material move along the radial direction of the cylinder arm. At the same time, the radial material flows along the flying knife group and is scattered by the high-speed rotating flying knife, so that the material can be evenly mixed in a short time. A coulter or tilting blade is mounted on the agitator shaft. When the equipment is running, the structure of the coulter acts as a continuous mixing movement of the material particles in the radial and longitudinal directions of the circular trajectory, avoiding the mixed dead angle, thus ensuring high-precision mixing. The material under the action of the mixer maintains the principle of turbulence, and the shape of the mixer plough is combined with the stirring speed to generate centrifugal vortex motion, which causes the materials to spread three-dimensionally and mix with each other.

Discharge control
Manual self-lock
Pneumatic driven
Elctric driven

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