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A Method To Deal With The Static Problem Of Three Dimensional Mixer
Jun 04, 2018

The three-dimensional mixer has high movement efficiency, the material has no centrifugal force, and the inner cylinder is large, so it can mix a variety of materials into a uniform mixture, such as mixing cement, sand, crushed stone and water into concrete wet material. It can also increase the contact surface area of materials to promote chemical reactions, accelerate physical changes, such as granular solutes added into solvents, accelerate dissolution and blending through mixing machinery, a three-dimensional mixer is a wide range of pharmaceutical, chemical, Food, light industry and other industries and scientific research units of novel materials mixer.


The three dimensional mixer can mix the fine powder or granular material with very uniform flow, so that the mixed material can achieve the best effect. The degree of mixing can be divided into three states: ideal mixing, random mixing and complete non-mixing. The mixing degree of various materials in the mixing machine depends on the proportion of the material to be mixed, the physical state and characteristics, the type of the mixing machine used and the duration of the mixing operation. In the process of 3D mixer, if the viscosity of the mixture is not high, it can be mixed in a random state without long agitation time, but if the viscosity increases slowly, the mixing time will become longer.

Reasonable use of 3D mixer can make the mixing effect high, the uniformity can reach 99.9% and the maximum loading coefficient can reach 0.9. Short mixing time and high efficiency. So how to eliminate the static electricity of the three-dimensional mixer?

1. Mainly refers to the use of some conductor materials, let it as a connector, can be connected to each part of the device or the whole system can be carefully connected, so that it can lead to the electrostatic left over the material.

2. We can use the capture bag, because the capture bag is mainly made of antistatic material, then it can be used to enter the bag in time to eliminate the static electricity.

3. Some other methods can be used to remove static electricity, wear electrostatic clothes, reduce bends, clean up 3D mixer regularly, and so on.