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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ribbon Blender
Jun 13, 2018

Advantages of Ribbon blender

1. Protect motor and ribbon blender from overload. When the load is too large to block and rotate, the working liquid is ejected from the fusible plug to separate the working machine and the load, so that the motor and equipment will not be damaged when starting and overloading. In operation, the speed difference caused by impact will be alleviated by coupling.

2. Stable start load equipment, in the equipment startup and operation process, effective isolation of the impact and torsional vibration of the equipment.

3. When overloaded, the working liquid does not spatter.

4. Hydraulic lift stable, flexible, easy to operate and maintain, guide safe and reliable.

5. Small vibration mixing system, low noise.


Disadvantages of Ribbon blender

1. The hydraulic coupler is not loaded with the inverter in general, and can not adjust the rotating speed of the ribbon blender effectively.

2. As the loading of hydraulic couplings is easy to form multiple transfer kinetic energy, resulting in power consumption, so it can not improve the start-up performance of the ribbon blender.

3. Unable to click the ribbon blender during use.