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Application Of Vibrating Powder Machine In Potato Food Production
Jan 16, 2018

Vibrating powder machine in potato food production is very common. In the production of potato chips and potato starch production are used vibrating powder machine.

In the production of potato white fans also use the vibrating screen machine. One of the vibrating screen mesh to be used generally are: 120 mesh screen and 140 mesh screen.

     1, choice of materials Use starch, non-rotten sweet potato, potato or cassava, usually 5 to 6 kg of fresh sweet potato or potato, can process 1 kg of refined white starch or fans.

     2, shredded potato will be fresh clean, into the refining separator.

     3, refining separation Using refiner refining obtained starch milk.

     4, the first bleaching decolorization edible decolorizing agent added to the starch milk, stirring constantly; then add edible bleaching agent No. 2, add water, with a 120 mesh shaker filter 1; the filtrate was allowed to settle for several hours, remove the supernatant , Add water and stir well, with 140 mesh screen for filtration.