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Common Sense Of Mixer Use And Development
Jan 16, 2018

Mixer is the use of mechanical force and gravity, the two kinds of materials and more uniform mixing of machinery. Mixers are widely used in various industrial and everyday life. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, ingredients of different compositions are uniformly mixed together to form a compound; the contact surface area of the material can also be increased to promote chemical reactions; and physical accelerations can also be accelerated, for example, granular solutes are added to the solvent to accelerate dissolution by mixing machinery uniform.

Mixing requires that all materials involved in mixing be evenly distributed. The degree of mixing is divided into ideal mixture, random mixture and completely mixed state. The degree to which the various materials are mixed in the mixing machinery depends on the proportions of the materials to be blended, the physical state and characteristics, the type of mixing machinery used and the duration of the mixing operation.

Many experts in the powder, powder mixing equipment, many choose the domestic original vertical cone mixing equipment, but experts suggest that due to the vertical cone mixer has many shortcomings, the maintenance rate is high, so the powder When the material / powder or granular material is mixed, a horizontal mixer should be selected. The equipment has the advantages of high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality, short discharging time and small residual amount.

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