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Feed Mill Maintenance Of The Three Major Points
Jan 16, 2018

First, the screen repair and replacement. The screen is made of sheet metal or sheet metal punched holes. When the screen appears worn or foreign body breakdown, if the damaged area is not large, riveting or soldering methods can be used to repair; if large area damage, should be replaced with a new screen. Install the screen, the hole should be burr side of the hole in the face, glossy face, sieve and sieve frame to fit tightly. Sieve sieve ring in the installation, the overlap stubble should be along the direction of rotation, to prevent the material stuck in the lap.

Second, bearing lubrication and replacement. Shredder work every 300 hours after the bearings should be cleaned. If the bearing is oil lubricated, add new oil to fill the bearing seat clearance 1/3 is appropriate, up to not more than 1/2, before operation only need to screw the cover cap oil cap a little. When the grinder bearing serious wear or damage, should be promptly replaced, and pay attention to enhance lubrication; use tapered roller bearings, should pay attention to check the bearing axial spacing, so that it is maintained at 0.2-0.4 mm, if not, by increasing or decreasing Bearing pad to adjust the paper pad.

Third, the claw and hammer replacement. Crushing parts, crushing claw and hammer crusher feed mill is a wearing part, but also affect the crushing quality and productivity of the main components, crushing teeth and hammer wear should be promptly replaced. Claw grinder replacement claw, the disc should be pulled out. Before pulling out, first open the round nut lock plate on the back of the disc, use a hook wrench to unscrew the round nut, and then pull the disc out with a special pull tab. To ensure the operation of the rotor balance, tooth replacement should pay attention to the complete set of replacement, after static balance test should be done so that the grinder work stable. Tooth claw assembly must be tightened nut, and be careful not to miss spring washers. Replacement should be used when qualified parts, the weight difference between a single claw should not exceed 1.0-1.5 grams.