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High-speed Mixer Maintenance
Jan 16, 2018

1, high-speed mixer to regular maintenance:

① the work of each shift is over, need to clean the tank.

② mixing gear motor maintenance, please see the instructions for carrying.

2, high-speed mixer seal replacement:

When changing seals or servicing equipment, first turn off the power and the DK switch is in the stop position.

① When the bottom of the tank disc material discharge, according to the degree of discharge, timely repair or replacement of seals, seal replacement, the need to remove the mixing paddle removed from the tank, the method, please see Hong Kong Plastic Machinery mixer Disassembly method

② work, if abnormal sound phenomenon occurs, should immediately stop inspection.

③ stirring gear motor, every 1000 hours of operation, should be replaced 2 # R2L a 2 lithium grease.

High-speed mixer with the advantages of fast mixing, even mixture, good absorption of resin to increasing agent, convenient operation of machine, easy to clean, durable, compact structure etc. Widely used in fine chemicals, feed, electronics, foodstuffs, hard materials, Ceramic materials, biological, pharmaceutical, non-metallic mining, building materials, paint industry, dyes, fertilizers and metal powders have better mixing.