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Mill High Temperature Oil Solution To The Problem
Jan 16, 2018

(1) to ensure that the quality of the friction plate does not affect the mill lubrication: just put on the friction plate for real-time monitoring, timely observation of the friction plate on the lubrication system.

(2) Lube oil quality does not meet the requirements: Routine sampling of lubricants for analysis to ensure that the lubricant oil quality to meet the lubrication requirements.

(3) cooling system does not play a cooling effect: the cooling system uses a Basco water cooler coolers, the use of continuous flow of cooling water to take away the heat of lubricating oil, driving, touch the tubing into and out of the cooler and found Temperature difference is small, almost imperceptible, we can see a single cooler effect is not obvious, cooling water and lubricating oil heat exchange time is too short, a cooler in series cooler, the use of dual coolers to extend the heat exchange time , The first cooler outlet pipe into the second cooler inlet pipe, the first cooler outlet pipe into the second cooler inlet.