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Mixer In The Pharmaceutical Industry As Decent
Jan 16, 2018

Mixers can be a variety of materials with a homogeneous mixture, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, the ingredients of different ingredients evenly mixed together; you can also increase the contact surface area of the material to promote chemical reactions; also be able to speed up physical changes, such as particulate solute added Solvent, through the role of mixing machinery can accelerate the dissolution of mixing.

Powder, granular solid material mixer and more for intermittent operation, there are V-type mixer, three-dimensional mixer and slot mixer on the market these three models, mixing all the materials involved in the mixing requirements of the uniform distribution, the degree of mixing Divided into the ideal mix, random mix and completely do not mix three states.

So what kind of state to use what kind of mixer, let's take a look below:

1, poor mobility, the adhesion of particles or powdery solid occurs, you often need to use mechanical flip and pressure, rolling and other action mixer, the general use of groove mixer.

2, the liquidity in general, the proportion of the material is relatively large difference between the role of simple rotation is not enough, you need to multi-angle multi-angle to be able to fully mix, this situation generally use three-dimensional mixer or multi-dimensional mixer.

3, good fluidity of granular solids mainly by the container itself, or by the role of moving parts installed in the container, repeatedly flip, mixed to be mixed, this situation is generally used V-type mixer.